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Reporting the Claim

As the owner of the vehicle you will need to report the claim. If the insurance company would allow us, we would do this for you but there is specific information about the accident, which they need to speak to you directly about. It is important to report the claim as soon as possible to avoid needless delays.

When you report the claim, you will be provided with a claim number. Advise the insurance company that you have chosen Dan's Paint and Body as the auto body shop you want to repair your car. Do not allow the insurance representative to direct you to another repair facility. BY LAW you can choose any repair facility. To read more about your rights click the following link: Motorist Bill of Rights

Call Dan's and give us the claim number and we will handle the entire claim process for you. We'll even set up the rental car or pick up your vehicle from your home or office.

Our experienced staff will make this part of the auto repair process easy for you. Let us handle it all. It's like having your cake and eating it too!

What To Do: In Case of an Accident

A fender bender is upsetting and sometimes unavoidable. It can also be expensive, especially if you don't end up at the right auto body shop. Keep a bad situation from getting worse by following the simple steps in this brochure.


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The Repair Process

Step 1: Vehicle drop off & Estimating

Our counselors will provide a free visual inspection within minutes and will offer professional advice on helping you with your insurance claim, rental car, and towing. Digital photos and a full damage report is then sent electronically to your insurance company for their processing and approval. Once the approval is in place we are ready to begin the actual repair.

Step 2: Disassembly of Damaged Parts

This step may be the most important to providing you will a fast repair. During this process the damaged parts are removed from your vehicle that will reveal "hidden damage". By identifying all the additional parts and repair procedures required at this initial state, we can order all parts at once which is a great time saver so parts are not ordered and received separately.

Step 3: Body, Frame & Mechanical Repairs

Parts are ordered and our I-CAR trained technicians carefully repair your car to it's original manufacturers specifications. Our highly-skilled technicians work one-on-one and in teams to ensure a fast, quality repair. The frame, welding, and mechanical equipment we use are all state-of-the-art to ensure that each car is repaired to perfection.

Step 4: Color Matching and Painting

We use only BASF paint products that are mixed at our site to assure an accurate color match on your car. Our BASF trained paint teams work together to carefully prepare your car, which will be refinished in one of our two state-of-the-art downdraft paint and cure booths.

Step 5: Reassembly

Reassembling your car is just as important as the repair process itself. At this stage we have the opportunity to guarantee the quality of our work from the inside out.

We precisely replace every part, bolt and accessory on the vehicle to exactly the same way it was when it came off the showroom floor, to your complete satisfaction.

Step 6: Cleaning & Detail

Expert buffing enhances the luster of the new finish and provides for a factory product, which looks and feels just like it did when it was factory new. A full detailing is performed so that your car is presented looking like it came off the showroom floor.

Step 7: Final Inspection & Quality Control

Our unique quality control inspection checklists are ONLY available at Dan's Paint and Body. Every technician (body, paint and mechanical) check for quality throughout the repair process and at the final stage they put their personal signature of approval of the repairs they performed. The last inspection is the most unique part of the repair where we not only perform a final check on the repairs, but we investigate all mechanical items and detail of the car. If required, your vehicle will be test-driven which assures your vehicle will drive like it did when it was new.

Educational Handouts

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