Where It All Began...

Dan Hunsaker saw an opportunity back in 1972 and seized it when he founded Dan's Paint & Body. It was the beginning of a successful story built on quality and customer service.

"It all began in 1972 in a small detached garage on the corner of Stone and Kelso on the west side of Tucson," Dan said. "I was a victim of the economic slowdown of the 70's and decided that this was the time to make a move into business ownership as jobs were in very short supply." Running a business was a shock to Dan's system, but he stayed on the path and it eventually paid off. "The problems and struggles were monumental getting my baby off the ground, and it sure didn't seem like a "dream job" for me. Every time the economy slowed down, I was tempted to throw in the towel and go back to the comfort of a steady paycheck. It was very discouraging working 15 hours a day, six or seven days every week and just making enough to pay the bills. I'm not sure what kept me focused on my "dream job" with a wife and a daughter to provide for, but upon reflection I think I just refused to fail.

The History of Dan's Paint & Body

Dan's look back at his shop's formative years: "You would never know looking at the facility business that stands before you that at one time this was a two-man show, and remained so for several years," he said."Our operation expanded slowly but surely, and after several moves, Dan's Paint and Body found its way to its present location on 22nd and Alvernon in 1984. The facility was quite a bit different 34 years ago, measuring approximately 4,000 sq. ft. and sharing office space with 2 other businesses.

"As we continued to grow in the marketplace, it was necessary to hire more employees and in 1995 I found the need to expand my existing facility an additional 15,000 sq. ft.," he said."The late 1990's provided a solid platform for Dan's Paint and Body's growth. We began to facilitate some direct repair relationships with quality insurance companies and increase our hold in the very loyal Tucson, AZ market through word-of-mouth and referral driven work.

Where We're Going Now...

Still Driven and Passionate

"After 47 years and over 70,000 satisfied customers, I still love what I do and look forward to coming into work every day. We have assembled a great "family" of employees here, including three immediate family members who are a joy to work with. There is a customer/employee loyalty factor here at Dan's that is unique in this industry that's based on our approach, which is to "Treat the customer as you would like to be treated."

Dan Hunsaker


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